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The Chapel Retreat is also the perfect backdrop to a series of arts and wellness events throughout the year.

From yoga and reflexology courses to writers' retreats and art days, you'll learn and unwind in a magical venue with space, peace and delicious food in glorious surroundings.

If you want to stay on after your course, The Chapel Retreat offers luxury bed and breakfast with sole use of a super deluxe hot tub.

Scroll down to see examples of our events:

Wellbeing Experience at the Chapel Retreat

Wellbeing Experience 

A small group day of deeply relaxing yoga and reflexology led by Rose Fenton.
The day includes a 1½ hour yoga session in the morning. With time to stroll in the grounds or soak in the deluxe hot tub. A delicous light two course lunch is included with refreshments throughout the day. After lunch Rose will lead a hand reflexology demonstration.

Individual face or foot reflexology appointments are available during the day at additional cost.

The day concludes with Pranayama/Yoga Nidra, the perfect end to a day of relaxation .

The day costs £75 including lunch and refreshments. If you wish to experience a private reflexology session with Rose during the day, this will incur an extra charge. Please ask for details.

For more information click here
To book, please email Veronica.

Writer's Inspiration at the Chapel Retreat

Writers' Inspiration 

Inspiration Location days hosted at the Chapel and led by authors Alison and Jenny, run through the year. The next date for this popular event is September 11th 2019.

For more information click here

For details and booking please see Alison & Jenny's website here.

Artists' Tutored Day at the Chapel Retreat

Inspirational Painting Day

Be inspired by the wonderful surroundings of The Chapel Retreat either inside or, weather depending, outside.

Working from the natural beauty of autumn, using either a collection of seedpods or an outside view, we will be creating work that focusses upon shape, colour and texture. This could be observational studies or pushing the boundaries further and playing with forms, composition and abstraction.
Learn to use the versatile Gouache paints with a variety of papers, having the option of adding inks and pastels. All materials will be supplied.

The day costs £70 including a delicious lunch and refreshments throughout the day. The maximum number of participants will be 10 to allow for Louise's support to this small group.

For details and booking please see Louise's website here.

Wellbeing Experience

Yoga for Wellbeing

Our health is mostly dependent upon our genes, but not only. It is also affected by the amount of stress we are under and how we cope with stress. Our health is also affected by the food we eat, whether we smoke tobacco, or drink alcohol, whether we exercise regularly and whether we sleep well. By making wise choices in these areas, we can give ourselves longer, healthier & happier lives.

Yoga can help us have longer, healthier and happier lives 

Yoga can help in many ways. Hatha yoga practice involves learning how to relax well and breathe well helping us cope with stress better. Hatha yoga also includes exercising in a safe way, which strengthens body and mind. Yoga even teaches us how to think positively and eat healthily. 

What is Yoga? 

Yoga is a way of calming our mind, strengthening our body and balancing our emotions. It gives a sense of well-being and a sense of connecting with life. It originated in India many years ago; some scholars date it as more than four thousand years old.

Ever since yoga began, human beings have gained benefit from its practice.

Today yoga is still practiced by millions of people throughout the world. There are many different forms, schools and pathways, with hundreds of masters or gurus all teaching their own interpretations of the ancient yogic teachings.

Most of us are introduced to yoga as a type of physical keep-fit system. Many people are unaware that yoga isn’t only about postures and deep breathing. Its ultimate aim is to gain skills that create a state of ‘self-realisation or self-understanding’. Gaining ‘self- awareness’ keeps us healthier and happier on every level of our being. 

Hatha yoga focuses mainly on the body, involving breathing, posture work and relaxation. It is, however only one of the pathways to ‘self- knowledge’. Most other yoga practices do not include as much physical exercise. For example, raja yoga teaches mainly sitting meditation, jnana yoga involves self-investigation, karma yoga requires selfless service and bhakti yoga includes ways to celebrate life such as chanting.

Hatha yoga  

Scientific medical research shows that both body and mind benefit from regular hatha yoga practice.

Studies show that...

Practicing Hatha yoga postures increases energy, massages the internal organs, reduces muscular aches and pains and strengthens the entire body.

Practicing Hatha yoga breathing exercises lowers high blood pressure, calms the nervous system, reduces anxiety and stops the mind from worrying.

Practicing Hatha yoga relaxation also combats harmful stress and allows a better quality of sleep. Sleeping well provides more energy and positivity during the day.

Practicing Hatha yoga visualisation and meditation creates the inner strength needed to deal with life’s ups-and-downs.

Hatha yoga as a form of physical exercise is of tremendous value to our health on every level. Hatha yoga works by releasing tension from the mind and the body. 

Our energy levels increase when we release tension.

Yoga poses help stretch away muscular tension easing back ache, neck and shoulder pain and other physical discomfort. They also tone muscles, joints and the spine, improving posture in general. Good posture boosts self-confidence.

Yoga breathing exercises quieten the mind, calm the emotions, and through increased oxygen intake, nourishes all the cells of the body.

Yoga relaxation and meditation practice sharpens the mind, improves awareness and encourages a happier and contented internal world. 

If you choose to practice hatha yoga regularly you should experience an improvement of your general well-being; perhaps relief from back pain, freedom from insomnia, indigestion or tension headaches, and more willpower and self-esteem. In time, with continuous regular practice you will notice a change from deep within, a growing awareness of a state of inner calm. 

Yoga works slowly and gently, so you need to be patient. Just as the way water gradually changes the shape of a rock or cliff, so yoga practice over time, changes our state from depressed, anxious or unwell, to being more calm, balanced and vibrant. 

Reflexology for Wellbeing  

Reflexology is a safe and gentle therapy that boosts the body’s healing systems and helps combat stress. It treats each person as a unique individual and works to create a healthy balance of body and mind.  

The art of reflexology dates back to Ancient Egypt, India and China. It was introduced to the western world over 100 years ago where it is growing in popularity as a complementary treatment, as well as a holistic treatment in its own right.  

Reflexology is based on the theory that different points of the feet, hands and face correspond to specific areas of the body. By stimulating these reflex and pressure points tension is eased and the body’s natural equilibrium is restored.  

Whilst reflexology is most often carried out on the feet it can also be applied to the hands and face.  

Benefits of Reflexology  

Reflexology reduces stress and anxiety by creating deep relaxation, as well as stimulating the body’s healing mechanisms.  

Reflexology can help with many conditions including headaches, migraine, digestive disorders and circulatory problems. Sleep patterns often improve and many people experience an increase in energy levels. Reflexology can also be helpful in supporting pregnancy and fertility.  

Relaxation through reflexology helps the body to function more efficiently so that toxins can be eliminated and the whole system rebalanced, helping to restore mental alertness, positivity and wellbeing. 

Writers' Inspiration

What People Said

“Stunning venue with a friendly host and incredible food.”

“The perfect location in which to find a nook or cranny and settle down to write.” 

“Possibly the best carrot cake of all time- ever.” 

“I just fell in love with the chapel. So peaceful, I could have stayed and written there all week.” 

“So friendly! We could just roam the house and gardens and explore and soak up the inspiration from each unique space. Truly welcoming.” 

“What a collection of antiquities, oddments and items of fascination! The whole world was there. The Old Farmhouse is an amazing place.” 

“I didn’t want the day to end. Words, coffee and a beautiful house. What more could a writer want?” 

About the Day

The day will give you the opportunity to explore this wonderful house and Chapel, and to find inspiration for your writing in its rooms, its contents and environs.

You will be given a pack that contains plans of the house and some writing challenges; should you choose to accept them. 

Alison and Jenny, your guiding authors are on hand throughout the day to offer support. 

Veronica your hostess is around during the day to answer questions about the house and contents. Refreshments are on offer when you arrive, a light lunch is available if booked in advance, or you can bring your own. Tea with cake will round off the experience. 

Above all, we want you to let your imagination soar and soak up the atmosphere of this delightful location. 


The Chapel
15 Pedwell Hill
United Kingdom